March 8, 2010 | Written by admin

Several people have written to ask if a NONFICTION writer could attend our marketing seminar in Nashville next weekend…. absolutely. And he or she would get a lot out of it. Happy to have you join us, if you're a nonfiction author who really wants to learn the basics of marketing your book. Send a note to the seminar direction, Tiff Colter, or get more info at 

Some good news today — two authors I represent (Gina Holmes and Mark Bertrand) are profiled in Publishers Weekly. Woo-hoo!

And some bad news — my MacBook melted down. I'm completely dead at this point. Sigh… Tough running a business when you run everything from a dead computer. 

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  • Meg Moseley

    I’m sorry about the computer. That’s no fun.
    The PW profiles are great. Yay, Mark & Gina!

  • Jodie

    I did not know Macs could die. Wow. Sorry to hear that. I should talk nicely to mine so it continues to love me.
    Congrats, Gina and Mark!!!

  • Nicole O’Dell

    OH NO! So sorry about the computer!
    Congrats on the PW posts!